Traders Thoughts

When I first saw this site I thought wow what a great idea. The guys who came up with this were really on the ball. I decided to try and post one of my trading systems and as I was doing so two thoughts, well actually three came to mind. First, as I was entering my trade information I said to myself let me check the TOS first and make sure I know what Im getting myself into and sure enough there it was 30% man that for me was a deal killer OUCH!!! (yes I am yelling, from all the pain) off of my hard work. Second, with most trades time is of the essence for 30% I should be getting alot more bang for my buck, for starters how about SMS service for my customers because I only want the best for them and timing is often crucial to the amount of profit one makes. Third, I think that if someone posts a trading system on this site that HYPOTHETICAL (not shouting) results should not be allowed, period. The world of trading is saturated with scammers and BS artists just looking to make a quick buck off of honest hard working folks trying to better their lot in life. I think this site has tremendous potential, and I believe C2 has an opportunity here to make this site the benchmark in honesty and integrity. Just one traders thoughts.

Sincerely a potential customer


SMS service is available for subscribers. See EDIT MY ACCOUNT (left side menu bar) and scroll down to email preferences. Also, see Instant Trade Messenger (

All results are labeled hypothetical due to the nature of what regulatory authorities label hypothetical. But there is "hypothetical" and there is "hypothetical." To understand what hypothetical means in C2 World, see:

There isn’t a better site out there that can verify with more accuracy than this one how well each trader does. If you’d like an example for why, I don’t think you need go too far than looking at my own systems as an example. There are, of course, hundreds of others to see.

Greg -

30% might seem high, but (your take) 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing. And if you set it up right, it basically can be no extra work for you. I use Tradestation to auto send signals, and it is pretty simple.

The leader of this site (Matthew) seems to be very honest, hardworking and responsive. Of course, many vendors here are selling junk or BS.

If you really have a great system, people here will pay for it, so you really have nothing to lose…

Not really having a moan, Matthew, as I don’t believe I have subs that rely on SMS - but it simply does not work.

Trade messages come back to me in the following format:

'messages@c:A message to subscribers of er2 pay per +ve month <1/30> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A message to all subscri Reply M for more’

And that is all you get by SMS. replying M gets no response

Remember that SMS is limited to 160 characters, so all the garbage at the start of the message leaves no space for the gist of the message/trading signal.

I should also note that this is not a small mobile network - It is Vodafone which is one of the worlds biggest networks.

Like I say, it doesnt really matter, but you should know about this.[LINKSYSTEM_29376872]

But “A message to subscribers…” is not a signal, it is a written message from the vendor that can be several paragraphs long by itself, regardless of formatting. I haven’t tried it myself, but from what I’ve seen in the forums, signal messages with compact mode selected are pretty concise.