Trading choices

Hi all,

I am currently using OX to trade ETF models and OEC for futures using Gen3 autotrading. One concern is very high cost of tradin at OX for low priced ETFs: I had 80 dollar round trip trades for 16K positions recently.

Does anyone has an opinion or even better data to compare Gen3 trading vs Gen1 using IB? How reliable are and what is the quality of execution with TradeBullet and/or Trader68? How well does TB works with OEC?

Thanks in advance.


P.S. I want to thank Matthew for addressing a majority of issues I raised in our private conversations. Thanks for trying to do your best!


I had very bad experience with OX, not just with the commission but with execution and missed execution.

IB via TradeBullet works for the most part fine, occasionally there are bugs, like the one mentioned here on another thread, for example, when you manually scale in and out of positions but overall much better than OX.

For OEC you don’t need TB, it is Gen3. OEC works very well except C2 adds $3.98 for every round turn trade.

Hi Karl, how would you judge the reliability of this gen3 solution recently and average slippage vs C2 results? Would you say you get more or less slippage than 1 tick per side vs C2?

Thanks a lot for your reply.