Trading hours

hi, is the FTSE tradable on c2 on thursday 23rd oct

as when i looked it said market not open until 0300 friday


I assume you meant Nov. 23rd. C2 says LFZ6 is FTSE 100 INDEX DEC 2006. C2 price format: 6140.25 - Market opens Fri 03:00, when I tried to enter an order, but since it is the LIFFE exchange (no thanksgiving there), the market should be open.

Open: 6191.0 High: 6194.0 Low: 6128.5 Last: 6140.5 prev close: 6177.0 Chg: 36.5 %chg: -0.59% vol: 31,676 contracts

My fault. The database did not treat LIFFE contracts as having non-US holidays. I am fixing now. Please submit trouble tickets for missed LIFFE orders. Again, my apologies.