Trading hours?

Maybe this information is somewhere on the site, but why can’t I trade futures now? (about 7pm eastern)

All my orders are being parked as if pending, even as the market open, price is moving, and my profit is waning.

Why are orders being held? When will they be executed? At what price?

Trading YMZ8 at CBOT

The symbols help page ( reveals the answer.

The @YM symbol is 24-hour electronic trading contract.

The YM symbol is for trading during the stock market trading hours.

Thanks for the quick reply, Matthew.

Sorry for bad notation, I did mean the electronic contract @YMZ8.

And after dinner I noticed that the trade did go through - however only after 78 minutes sitting there. It was a market order, so it should have gone instantly.

In this extreme time lag, futures dropped 27 points and trade went from winner to loser.

I will fill a error ticket to have the trade corrected, however it shouldn’t happen and it was not the first time this happens in the evening.

You may want verify these delays.