Unable to close trade - solved

Unable to place btc order. Defaults to bto when order is opened already so I can’t close my short. How do I designate btc instead of bto using web client? Also unable to place stop or limits btc for this particular order…

I have the same issue.
I’ve reached out to customer service and hope to have a response asap.
Had to send an urgent broadcast to my Subscribers because of this issue.


Can’t Buy To Open
You are currently short GBPUSD, so you cannot Buy To Open. You need to close your short position first or make your BTO order conditional. Learn more

If I have a sale open, why can’t I buy to close the sale? Correct the error in your software.


We are working on this issue, will be fixed ASAP!

You need to modify “REPLACE” just a few points above/below your “Working” price (BUY/SELL ToClose). It’s soon trigger and “Close” your trade.

Hope it help.

This option does not work either. Checked. Partially cannot be closed and it is impossible to completely close. Writes an error.

Same problem here! Any solution yet?

There is a solution - wait for a solution to the problem. They promised to fix the error and notify about the correction. Wait.

I’m already waiting, take it easy.


Please check and let us know if any issue still appear.

Thank you Lorant! I was able to close my positions.

Thank you for all of your patience and report!

HI! I have also this problems… Im waiting to resolving this problems. I’m was trying to close positions by C2 quicktrade… And 2 positions was closed… If positions was closing by C2 quicktrade - it is correct trades?

Yes, positions can be closed in many different ways:

  1. WebTrader - the automated order entry/exit recognition logic failed this morning, this was fixed.
  2. Old Interface
  3. API
  4. PlatformTransmit
  5. BrokerTransmit

Only WebTrader had this issue, so any other signal entry channel worked fine.

If you closed your positions using old UI, all fine.

Do you still experience some problems? Please write your details to support@collective2.com, address to Lorant and I will invetigate it asap.

Thank You for Information, Lorant.

Now everything works! Thanks!

web trader is working again now. Is there a back up available or can you implement a manual BTC or BTO option in web trader? How do you access old UI?

Thanks for the fix!