Unable to Edit System Details


I was trying to edit my system details with little luck. I knew how to use the “Admin” menu, but the “Edit System Details” option was not available to me. The problem was that option happened to be right behind the equity curve, so I always got the data point (instead of the “edit System Details” option) when I moved the pointer over that area.

This small thing is really bothering. Do you have any other way that I can use to access the option I want? Many thanks. //TQT


Hmm. I can’t seem to replicate this. Which browser / operating system are you using?

I use Windows XP/Explorer. I found a way out. I zoomed the curve and managed to move the curve out of the way. But, your program may have a minor flaw, i.e., the equity curve interferences with the pulldown menu. Thanks again. //TQT