Another idiot who can't find my System Details

As a graduate of a college into which Harvard undergraduates have been known to transfer, and having enjoyed an A in advanced programming and subsequently taught myself object oriented programming, and having done commercial website design and even once having read an entire manual on user-interface programming design, I admit to a blind spot in my educated intuition and remain helplessly unable to find my System Detail page or the Systems Owned link under which it reportedly resides. I read another users perplexity in 2007 and believe I have bested his 1/2 hour search by another 1/2 hour.

To aid a willing troubleshooter:

About 3 months ago I created an invisible trial system, paid my fee, but have made no entries thus far.

Today I’ve logged in but find my magnifying glass other than the one beside the "Find System by Name window.

I’ve tried all the menus and find no Systems Owned link. I see a My Account menu but haven’t found anything down that trail.


Hi, HD -

Harvard undergraduates transfered to your university, you say? Well, that is no endorsement!

Nonetheless, the problem here appears to be this: that the C2 account you are currently using (and from which you posted your forum message) was not the account where you created your system and/or paid for it. This seems like a case of multiple accounts. But without knowing the particulars of your system and/or transaction, I’m unable to help.

Here’s what I suggest. Send an email to telling us how and when you paid for your system (i.e. last 4 digits of credit card number, approximate date, amount paid) and anything else you can remember about your system (for example, its name), and we’ll do some sleuthing on our side to figure out which of your identities set up the trading system.


Any sleuthing success in tracking down my Beat the Banksters (Swing) Matthew? I have found anything at the other email I gave you.