Unable to "make non-conditional" after primary is "filled"

Previously, I was able to “make non-conditional” at any time.
Currently, if the primary order is “filled,” there is no longer a “make non-conditioanl” popup option.
Of course, I can delete the order and create a new order.
However, it was faster and more error-free to “replace” the old order as non-conditional.
Please note: another possibility is for orders automatically to become non-conditional whenever the primary order has been “filled.” However, I prefer the old system that I have the option to “make non-conditional”–because then, the record of the primary order and the price it was filled does not disappear from the page.
Also note: the “make non-conditional” works fine when the primary order is still active. Also, I am now sometimes able to “replace” the primary order WITHOUT deleting the “attached” aka “conditional” orders. I like that. I.e. on one order, I have two conditional orders. It is nice to adjust the stop on the primary order without having to re-do the conditional orders.

PS–why do i want to “make non-conditional” after the primary order has been filled? Because I want to enter new conditionals. I cannot enter conditionals on a conditional. Therefore I must first “make non-conditional.”

Krystof - Can you let me know what sequence of API commands you are using? Don’t include any passwords in your response, obviously…