Update on Weekly Options?

Has there been any progress on de-bugging the issue with being able to pull weekly option contracts once the monthly expires? Aparently what happens is the option button automaticly switches and the remaining weekly’s for the month are no longer accessable by the C2 trade platform.

Hi, Mark -

I hope to get this solved today. I’ll keep you posted.


Mark -

This problem is now fixed. The automated options symbol lookup will now work with weekly options for the current month.

By the way, if ever the auto-lookup doesn’t give you satisfaction, you can always click the little “CHAINS” link in the option lookup area, which will display all available options. This might come in handy if there are more than one option meeting your lookup criteria, and id C2 returns the one you do not want.


OK great and thanks a lot it worked just fine I have already used it!