Futures expiration 2020

We are finding difficulty trading futures with expiration 2020 , nothing going through the symbology needs fixing , for example qclz0 or qclz20 isn’t working . Thanks .

Thanks. Looking into this ASAP

Should be okay now.

As an aside, I encourage you to start using the new WebTrader order-entry interface instead of the old QuickTrade. Our development efforts are now focused on the new WebTrader.

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Will you be adding a Comments section of the new WebTrader like it’s in the old QuickTrade?

I believe I asked either you or Rod about this a few months ago and was told that would be added.


Yes, we’re working on something that you’ll like. Still in development. Hang in there.

Hence you have mentioned the new web trader can you please make options symbols typeable like in the old c2 trader version. I dont want to select an option from an options chain. Much faster for us to just type the symbol. Thanks.