US Long-Short Automated URBN stock 2008-2019 backtests

I already posted URBN backtesting results in this post:

But those results were from 2009.
As many investors have asked what my system did in 2008 I have now done backtesting which includes 2008 (you can compare the 2 backtests and see that I have not done any curve-fitting or optimization, results are the same).
The tests run until June 1st 2019 as my C2 system started on June 1st 2019. So this system is accompanied with 12 years of data. This means 900,000 minute bars tested.

The SP500 did something like 12% a year in 2009-2019 with 27% drawdown, I suggest backtesting a longer period like 2000-2019, 2000-2010 had 2 major bear markets and the index returned negative for the decade so you can get a good idea if you’re not dependent on market returns if you use a time period that isn’t just a line straight up

In case you haven’t noticed I included the most significant bear market as 2008 is included. This system was up in 2008 when almost everyone else lost money.

Saw your note on Collective2 asking me to look at your system. The equity curve looks good but there is much more to assessing the likelihood of success. Will you provide monte carlo analysis, noise tests, e-ratio, and other TS data?