New Equity High - US Long-Short Automated

Please note that my system has just made a new high. This is a 100% automated system swing-trading 2 stocks with strict risk management. The 12-year backtests provide confidence that this has the potential to be profitable in the long term so long-term investors are preferred.

How can you have 245 trades on real-life and only 150 ish traded in the system??

In order to answer this question you need to use your brain (if you have one).

In order to answer this question you need to use your brain (if you have one).

Ouch, wtf dude? By the way Csaba, please don’t PM me any more with spam, I know where to find your strategies if I want them.

Lars, several subscribers seem to be autotrading on this strategy. If five of them follow 10 of his trades each, that would be 50 autotrades for only 10 of his strategy trades. If you Show AutoTrade Data, I’m sure the number of followed subscriber trades will add up to 245-ish.


Seems like this leader is super professional

Why advertise on the forums if you’re going to be like that lol

Because the question was stupid with 2 question marks at the end. If you are such an expert of professionalism then maybe you can see that it was not such a professional question. If he learns some manners then I will reply accordingly.

A professional would have asked that something like this:

“Please explain how you have 245 trades on real life and only 150-ish traded on the system? Thank you in advance.”

You’re supposed to be the professional not everyone who interacts with you my dude

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I will be careful in the future not to slip and accidentally type two question marks. I did not realize how unprofessional this could be. Pity the poor ellipsis…

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He is a trade leader as well. So you are wrong again.

It was not only the two question marks but the whole style he uses is unprofessional. But probably there is no use explaining this if you haven’t got this so far.