'US Stock Trader' statistics wrong

Hi Matthew,

Regarding the trade on 8/30 I requested that you look into adjusting the statistics of ‘US Stock Trader’ because of a recurrent problem with this system that is, it often closes the position at 16:00 and none of the autotrader (or manual traders if there are any) are executed at that time. At that date the system reported a loss of only $8 whereas subscribers who are then closed out at the opening of the next trading day lost over $600.

Last Friday the same thing happened again, the system closed at 16:00 and reported a gain of $285 whereas subscribers who were closed out at the opening had a loss of about $2,490! (The two auto trades by tradeMONSTER and Trader68 shown under ‘live brokerage trades’ actually were executed this morning).

Since the beginning of June this problem has ocurred 17 times - so there are serious distortions in the statistics, they don’t reflect what subscribers actually experience.

Please make the adjustments to the statistics. This might be the only way to get the vendor to fix this annoying and costly problem.