Statistics of 'US Stock Trader' need adjustments

Hi Matthew,

Last Friday "US Stock Trader’ issued the exit signal exactly at 16:00 ET, of course, none of the subscribers got executed, however, the stats on C2 show a loss of only $8 whereas subcribers who were forced to close the position at the opening of the next trading day suffered a loss of approximately $633. This has happened now several times in the recent past, in other words, C2 statistic are substantially better than what subscribers experienced. Should the stats on C2 not be adjusted to the actual fills of subscribers?

Subscribers have repeatedly asked vendor to send the exit signal several minutes before closing but vendor seems either unable or unwilling to do that. Is there something maybe you can do by contacting the vendor to solve the problem?

It is unfortunate that this is happening with a system which otherwise seems to be very good.


Hey Karl,

Isn’t this as much a C2 problem as a vendor problem? AAPL trades with decent volume until 20:00ET in the aftermarket. Is C2 unable to route orders to the aftermarket? Not getting a Friday night order filled until Monday morning doesn’t make any sense.


Hi Dennis (Long time no hear),

I don’t think C2 could do that because most trading softwares, like TB, are set up not to allow stock trades outside of regular trading hours and for good reasons because of the usual large bid/ask spread and low liquidity.

Now, maybe in the case of AAPL there is enough liquidity right after the close, so what an individual subscriber could do is turn off auto sync (maybe you don’t even have to turn it off) and manually close the position and hope to get a reasonable fill. But that would require that the subscriber is at the screen right at the close and the whole idea of auto trading is that you are not required to be glued to your computer.

Karl A

It seems like the issue has been resolved since the last two exits near the close ocurred 5 minutes before the bell.

I wonder if Matthew had a helping hand in this.

For me the sytem remains one of my favorite stock trading systems. Personally, I exclude all systems which had or are likely to have a drawdown of more than 25%, I think it is totally unrealistic to expect that subscribers will stick around once the drawdown goes much beyond 20% and I wish developers would take this into account when designing their systems.

Karl A