Using Collective2


I have an IRA at a major brokerage shop which is not on the

list of collective2 partners.

I’d like to transfer some of the above to a brokerage which

is on the above list so that I can begin to use collective2

to manage my account (my returns are only 0.1% for 2011,

0.1% for 2012 and 0.0% for 2013 - so it should be easily

beatable with some of the systems on C2.)

My question is: who is the best and most trustworthy brokerage

shop which is a C2 partner who will take some of my IRA over

for auto-trading at C2?


If you are not able to find a suitable brokerage for autotrading, bear in mind that there are some systems on C2 that are suitable for trading IRAs which have extremely low trading frequencies, e.g. several times a year. With systems like these it is trivial to trade them yourself.


Hi Stuart,

Most of the brokerage firms that are C2 compatible will enable IRA accounts for Autotrading. Feel free to email us with the brokerage firm of your choice and we can assist you through the process.