Collective2 subscription questions

I’ve been trying for a few days to get an answer from - to no avail. Perhaps someone here can help.

1) If I were to sign up to autotrade a C2 model, could I switch accounts at the same broker at some point during my subscription? I currently have an IRA at Interactive Brokers and would like to start autotrading a new system now. Within the next month or so, I will have freed up some taxable assets, which is what I’d like to trade. At the point where that new account is set up at IB, I’d like to switch the autotrading function from my IB IRA to the IB regular account. Can I do this?

2) If I subscribe to a system but trade only a portion of the model’s balance (e.g., 10%) what happens when the model buys a small number (e.g., less than 10) shares? Does C2 send instructions to buy a fractional share, which I believe would be rejected by Interactive Brokers, or does it round down to the nearest integer number of shares and not send an order that wouldn’t be executed?

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone here might have.