Vendor's "No Longer Supported" Systems

Matthew/Other C2 Members,

Am I missing something, or is there no longer a way to see a vendor’s previously created (often crashed) “Non-supported” systems?



A lot of system vendors create new accounts when their systems crash and it seems that their track records associated with their old system account are not displayed anymore in their new account profile. This is plain dishonesty.

I am proud to say that I am not one of them and I am glad that my track record at C2 is completely visible as it not only gives me proof my extremely labor intensive, laborious and tedious system development process leading now to what I call my Ultimate Trading Machine, it shows honesty, an essential character trait for all.


Pal, this is not a system vendor issue, but a C2 issue. Before, it would state on a vendor’s system page that this ‘vendor has created X number of other systems’, with a button labeled ‘Show’ that you could click on to see all of a vendor’s systems, both supported and ‘unsupported’. Nowadays, it only shows supported systems when you click on the ‘Show’ button. That is why I ask if I’m missing something here, or maybe there’s some new way to see the ‘unsupported’ systems???