System Vendor Home Page

Hi Matthew;

I would like to suggest a different format for the Home Page of System Vendors (at least those who have published at least 1 system).

The top of page list of systems would be better (IMHO) as the focus of the page; Rather than just 1 line of description, I would prefer to see several lines for each system outlining not only the current overall stats, but also all currently open positions, all currently active orders, and the last couple of cancelled orders;

This way, a system vendor (especially those of us managing multiple systems) can have a one look dashboard of our activity on C2 that allows us to audit our signals and monitor our performance, without having to toggle between details pages.

In addition, (again, for system vendors) it would be nice to have the page autorefresh (possibly on a configurable frequency) automatically, so that we don’t have to keep hitting the refresh button.

Thanks for all the great work! TradeStation interface is working like a charm now! Are you using all of the signal emails, or can we turn off some of them?

I like those ideas. After the server upgrade, I will begin work on that. - MK

Hi Matthew; I missed one item that should be in the list;

Underneath the currently open positions should be any positions recently closed - based on timeframe of system;

i.e., for a day trader; the last completed trade, and all closed trades in the current day (if any).

for a swing trader; the last completed trade and all closed trades in the last week (if any).

You get the idea - Again, it just helps a vendor to audit the entire gamut of current activity, without having to leave the “dashboard”