VPS (Virtual Private Server) for TradeBullet

Would anyone who has put TB on a VPS be so kind to share his experience, that is, what company he is using and how it has worked out. Francis Gingras told me a non-share VPS would be preferable to avoid the co-location load issues.

Since there is no way to find out when Gen3 is comoing to IB I want to put TB on a VPS before considering using Trader68 which provides that service at a reasonable cost. However, people using Trader68 with VPS would also be welcomed to share their experience.

I can’t speak to Tradebullet on a VPS but my rather limited experience with VPS hosting involved 2 different providers and both machines had stability issues – they would randomly reboot on me. Maybe I just got some bad eggs … but I then moved to a dedicated server and have never had that issue.

The provider I currently use is burst.net, they have a datacenter in Pennsylvania which has a quad core CPU and 2 GB of RAM for $80 a month plus another $15 per month for Windows Server Web. Not as cheap as a VPS, but $50 is nothing compared to losses you could encounter if the server crashes and you are stuck in a trade.

Note: I am not affiliated with burst.net – they’ve been the cheapest provider I found that didn’t seem “shady” – but please research other companies before renting a server. 1and1.com and godaddy.com are more expensive but I’ve also heard good things about them.

My server did have a hard drive failure which killed it, so be sure to backup the server regularly. Since the crash I am paranoid and I use Norton Ghost for full drive images as well as Carbonite to back up individual files during the day.



Hi Dave,

Thank you Dave for this detailed and comprehensive reply which is quite in line with your always appreciated forum posts and the care you describe your system and communicate with your subscribers.

Any more comments from other VPS users would also be appreciated.