Server-based autotrading with IB


I was wondering if anyone has tried setting up a server to autotrade at Interactive Brokers, using Gen1 but on a remote computer at a hosting company. Sort of a self-made Gen3.

If anyone has done it, I would like to know some details such as hosting company, software used, methods, and how stable it is.



I am setting a system like you described this week. I am using tradebullet + TWS on a IB demo account.

Mail me in some weeks to know the outcome…


I used to run TB - IB on a VPS almost for a year. Sometimes it runs smoothly sometimes not. In any case, you will have to monitor it…

What were your biggest problems?

Do you have any recommendations for the setup?

Do you know if it’s possible to reduce the C2 pooling interval ? 6 sec seems an eternity!


Default setup. The biggest problems were connectivity and mapping from C2 -> TWS. The mapping was the biggest problem. If you trade the basic futures like ES, ER2 then you are ok. Other than that, forget it.

I measured the time between ITM and actual trade. It varies from 1 to 10 seconds under normal/good conditions. Normally it´s about 5 sec. This interval is given by the API from C2 and can´t be lowered.

I am testing Trader 68 at the moment. It seems to work fine so far. It´s more stable than TB and has more features. Like TB - the mapping works only for basic futures like the above (see my message on the T68 forum about "multiplier futures" that didn´t get answered yet, but I guess they are working on it for version 3)


were your futures mapping problems with electronic, pit or both?

IB does not support pits. So, electronic.

I disagree, there are currently 61 C2 electronic futures contracts mapped in TradeBullet.