What I Did Re: C2 Hacking

Since some people may have missed some messages, here is what I am doing or did when I heard about the C2 hacking incident:

1. Changed my C2 password.

2. Called my credit card company, told them my number may have been compromised, and that I wanted it changed. Do not tell them you want it cancelled - that is different. They will transfer you to security fraud folks, who will get some info from you, and send out a new card. Takes 15 minutes max.

3. Go to http://www.transunion.com/corporate/personal/fraudIdentityTheft/fraudPrevention/fraudAlert.page and read up on adding a Fraud Alert to your credit report. It is free and very easy. Takes about 1 minute.

I did not do step #3 because I already had a 7 year fraud alert on my account because I was a victim of identity theft in 2007 (unrelated to C2) (to the tune of $21,000 - someone actually had my name, address, social AND created a fake driver’s license in my name! The Secret Service actually eventually found these guys.).

Do these steps, and chances are you will be OK.

By the way, although this was a serious breach, I still have complete faith in Collective2, based on how quickly they notified people and how they are taking care of the problem. I STILL pLAN ON BEING HERE AS A VENDOR.

At least in this case we know it happened. Many times you won’t even know your info was taken. I never did figure out how someone got all my info.


By the way, my situation was one of the worst, according to the US Secret Service, in terms of dollars stolen and sophistication. My total loss = $0. So, even if people follow through and steal your identity, it may not cost you anything, except some annoyance.

Another thing you can do:

In a few weeks or a month, get your annual FREE credit report from each of the 3 credit agencies (see below). They typically have mostly the same info on each, so you could get one this week, another in a month and a third in 2 months. Then you’d know if someone actually stole your identity.

Or, you could get a different one every 4 months. I try to do this, but usually I forget.

Annual credit report:


Federal Trade Commission website:


Kevin as per your post I went to the recommended web site and did a fraud alert on my credit card. It was very easy and quick.

Thanks for the great advise to the community.


Great Rick. The free Fraud Alert protects your whole identity, which is pretty good. There is an identity theft company that charges you for the same thing.

Great advice. Thank you Kevin.


Excellent info Kevin thank you. I’ve taken the same action, very impressed by how quick and easy the fraud alert was to set up over the phone, Highly recommended.