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What is going on with the ranking system here?

How is this one ranked so high and already on the leader board?

Good question, also I tried to look at Score Workbench and they say that they change it all the time to improve.

I think a good thing will be to know what is the weight of each parameter. Of course, you can play with the numbers in " Strategy Manager C2 Score Workbench" but knowing what has more value might help the Strategy Leaders to focus.
Like how are there strategies with 70%+ DD and still on the leaderboard…

There are several strategies with 50%+ DD that are much better than strategies with much less DD if looking at return/DD ratio. So of course they will be on the leader board. It could be a DD from the past or example if you trade at minimum starting capital 50-60% max DD should be expected, but also a 3 digit return.

These past days the C2 score is going bananas. On the same day, one of my strategies went from #100 to #523. And the other 2 strategies also had some wild jumps.

Now it seems to be alright again. It’s in #106, which seems more or less right

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Mine came back down to #136. This is probable going to fluctuate for a while since the strategy is less than a year old.

My strategy for the past 2 weeks had been consistently between low 80’s to mid 90s. Just within the past few hours my startegy is no longer ranked. Something funky occuring.

I think any 3rd party ranking sytem is working for their own business.
Also I don’t think any “real” professional traders will have enough time to create any ranking system.
As far as I know, some ranking system are ridiculous indeed.
Just take it easy and trade on our own manner.
Once the strategy is hard to get a good rank, maybe it’s time to reset it or directly say goodbye to the site.

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I remembered several years ago, I started to trade in a well regulated FX Broker.
Their account manager talked me a lot on how to improve my ranking score.
5 months later, I winned some their allocated funds, another 3 months later, some profit was generated in these funds.
When I applied withdraw, they used all kinds of reasons to deley it.
Then I found my ranking score was reduced almost 30%.
It was almost impossible to win any allocated funds at least in several years. :smile:

The C2 Score of two of my systems was 60% discounted in last 1-2 weeks. Perhaps it’s time for me to re-assess the project.

Here is a tool to help you understand at least some of the factors that go into your strategy ranking:

A quick look shows me that your average leverage was quite high at the beginning of your track record (but has been reduced since then, which is great). This ongoing reduction in leverage means that over time, your average leverage use will decline as the bad old days become a less significant part of your track record. So, keep up the good work, and I think you’ll see an improvement in your score.

By the way, you can overlay a chart of leverage use on top of you account performance by clicking the little chart-thingy-majig near the leverage stat:

Finally, although probably much less important, your last 30 days of performance have been negative, which - while not a huge factor - does affect the ranking.

On a general level, I want to make clear that my job here at C2 is try to help the investors who use the platform. At the same time, I want strategy managers to feel that they have some insight into, and power over, the way their strategies are ranked here at C2.


Hi Matthew,

Nice to e-meet you and many thanks for your kindly reply and detailed introduction.

  1. Regarding to the higher leverage, it is about 12 month ago. Does it really play such a kep role in the score 12 months later?
    As I trade FX only, higher leverage = potential high convinced trading opportunity, the market is market, no 100% winning opportunity. I could not guarantee all these high convinced trading opportunity turning into profit.
    However, I did not see any professional trader use fixed or keep the lower leverage in their career.

  2. Regarding to the negative performance, yeah, from Jan 2021 to now, gains is +3.3%; from 01 March to now, gain is -1.1%. If this will lead to the score 60% discounted, then… I must say it’s a very sensitive ranking system.

  3. Sure, investors are the God of any trade copy website. I 100% agree you should create more transparent environment to them. As C2 is a paid service to the signal provider, a lot of false signal and scam signal are filtered, really appreciate your hard work.

  4. I still have another strategy, which is a pure scalper, it does shows large slippage in 2019 and early 2020, especially in Asia market. I think it may due to some potential tech issue of C2. But it improved a lot in 2021( For sure I already change some core logic :smile:) . Thanks again for your hard work!

  5. Still the old topic, both of us should help the investors in C2. I suggest "correlation sp500" should be taken into account in the ranking system.
    Personally I trade some Hongkong Shares to hedge the risk of Forex.
    I do simulate some stocks strategy, most of them are good ranking and higher return, however, most of them have higher “correlation sp500” . I did not see much details about them, but generally is higher than 0.45. It’s easy to imagine what will happens in a sharp sell-off.

I have zero experience in US Stocks, if my view is wrong, I apologize in advance for that.

Thanks again for your kindly reply and your long term hard work,
Have a nice evening, :handshake:

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If I may add a suggestion to the leaderboard, I recommend comparing systems on a given time horizon. I think it unfair to the older systems to be compared to the newer systems based on any criteria for that matter. This explains why leaderboard is crowded with systems with short history. In my opinion, it is quite misleading for investors. If there is an option to chose a time period before leaderboard results are shown, say 6 month/1 year/n year , only trade results relevant for that time period should be considered for the older systems as well and this way all systems will be treated the same way for the leaderboard. Also, newer systems should be excluded from comparison, if they have not been started before or at the start of the chosen time period. Else leaderboard will always be full of newer systems many of which just go bust/underperform as time goes by. Just my 2 cents


I believe age of system is a parameter of the ranking system, and there may be a hard cutoff. @EvaRossmann Good ideas though! Goal I think should be investors as Matthew has stated, we want to get investors into good systems, so they will stay, benefiting C2, the investors, and the trade leaders. Everyone benefits!



From a technical perspective, I 100% agree with you.
The longer the better.
When I started to learn Forex, my teacher told me he was only a survivor of the market.
It took me several years to fully understand this…

From a commercial perspective, I also 100% understand C2.
They need new big star continuously to…

We have to understand them due to we published our system in C2 and posted thread in C2 forum… :smile:

But still the same, we stick to trade on our own manner.


I think from a commercial perspective, it is a good idea as well. Let’s say by default, if the leaderboard are decided ONLY from last 6 months’ (and make that period configurable for user on the page) trading data of ALL systems that were traded during that period, both high flyers and good older systems will get a chance to compete for a place in the leaderboard.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. The playing ground just gets leveled for all systems this way. And subscribers get a much better picture of how systems traded in the their chosen period.

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