What matters more $ or %?

If there is a system who made a few thousands per month trading 1 lot futures in a 100K account , would that attract you as a subscriber ? Or you look for big % gains even if that means trading with more leverage ? ie : gains achieved with 5 lots in a 100K account or 1 lot futures in a 10K account … etc .

One lot in a smaller account appeals more than 5 lots in a larger one.

I would prefer 1 contract trading on account of any size. This will be clear trading, no martingale, semi-martingale or other “magic”. Pure traders quality. I’ll do the math and adjust your trading to my account by myself.

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I agree with Andrey. When someone trades 5-10 lots, I always figure out the per contract average to put it in perspective. Also easier to scale up…

Ok so you only look for high quality signals/trades , even if the monthly return was just 2% - with low risk and low DD - ?

Without capital size, number of contracts traded and dd I can’t say if 2% monthly return is enough or not for me to trade this system.

Example : 1 contract ES , account size 100K , average monthly return 2-3% = $2000-3000/1 lot , max DD lets say 7-10% , all trades with stops .

Thanks .

Can work for me as a part of the system portfolio. Maybe with increased risks due to smaller than 100k capital allocation

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