Any Value in Just 1 Tradeable Product?

I’m just curious, do most subscribers want a system that trades just 1 product, like oil (I might be a bit biased) or a system that trades it all?

I’m working on a couple of other models and was curious if I should bunch them all together or keep them individual (ex. fx, commodities, fixed income etc…)

I would think that having them on their own would make it more attractive, as you can see the different risk profiles and adjust the system to meet your own criteria…

Any feedback with what people really want?

Oh and any feedback regarding my system would be greatly appreciated - I think I’m too low in returns, but with my own money I prefer more security to crazy returns and a higher risk of blowing up, but that’s just me

I suppose I could increase sizing and the total net would increase proportional


I trade oil and ES. I think you can trade more than one future, but you need to keep trades to a min. For example, I would not want to trade 5 futures at the same time where I would need 5 open trades, but I have no problem trading both ES and CL at the same time.

For your oil system, your % return per month is fine. However, I personally rather have a higher win% system that proves to me a vendor has an edge. It does not need to be real high, but I like 50% and higher so I don’t get eaten by commissions.

For my own system, I need to work on keeping some of my winners a little longer.

I agree that the fewer contracts the better. And go for a higher profit per trade. If you have a system, which produces many, small trades, commissions and autotrade fees will completely chew up your subscriber’s profits.

Also keep with the most liquid contracts. If you are successful, your subscribers will be competing with each other to enter and exit positions. With thinly traded contracts, your subscribers can “move the market”, and many will find a winning trade turn into a loser very quickly as prices move against them.

The best way to see the impact of both of these effects is to set aside some money with one of the participating “Trades-own-System” brokers and trade your system yourself through C2’s Gen3 AutoTrade interface. You’ll get a good idea for how well your subscribers will do. It’s not unusual to have a very good trading system, which makes good money on paper or when you trade it all by yourself, but falls apart when a dozen or more other traders are following right along in your footsteps.