When to Kill?

I’d like to get some opinions on this.

I have a system that suffered an 79% drawdown in its first month (November). I’ve figured out my mistake and don’t expect that to happen again. I’ve been making small but consistent profits before and since.

I currently have one subscriber, and I know that my system statistics will improve with time, but I suppose that the 79% historical drawdown will always be there.

Do most people here think it would be worth it in the long run to kill my system and start anew?

I’m actually wondering if the 79% historical drawdown might actually act as a filter for the more troublesome subscribers.


first of all: if you figured out your mistake, think you will trade differently in the future (and avoid this mistake) - then by all means start a new system. Because you trade differently, IT IS a DIFFERENT system.

Also for my as a subscriber, 79% drawdown is a strong filter.

Just my 2cent


Start over, but be ready to explain that dd. Even with a new system, many people will look at your other systems, and still be scared by it.

If you are upfront about what you are doing, and can do a good job explaining the cause of big dd, and explain how/why it should never happen again, you should be ok.

You call it a mistake, is it really? Did you do something you did not intend to, like buy 100 contract instead of 10?

If it’s a different system then kill it and start a new one, but if it is just another iteration on the same trading idea meant to reduce draw down, you may run the risk of having a record of too many “mistakes”, which will kill your vendor credibility.


don’t expect that to happen again.

There is honestly no way to expect that. There are many ways to get hit with a drawdown like this. And the 79% will still be visible on the killed system. Why not focus more on developing your system/acumen for a couple more months, and not be in a hurry? Then decide.

Or, build another system in parallel with this one, before deciding - didn’t you already pay for your 6 months?