System: ATPro

I want to start a discussion on this system to warn people not to join it, it’s very very dangerous and I lost huge amount of money with it. They managers have been losing big money for the last two months and they continue to take wrong trades with large SL. Avoid this and if you have experience with it, please share,

Im earning good money with this system, but i manage my own stoploss and others variables, i dont follow 100% of the orders.
I think is a good system, but you have to adapt to your way of invest-trading

Thank you for your comment, iwould like to know how you could manage the recent huge DD. Do you place your stops based on what parameters? Do you immediately close trades that you don’t like? Or what?

The important thing to note is that this client chose the point to enter the program. At that time annualized returns were well over 200%. Wouldn 19t that indicate a level of risk in the system? Prior to his entry, there was also a similar drawdown of 20%. Therefore, the current drawdown should not be a surprise. With a highly leveraged futures program, drawdowns are inevitable. Those who do not have the financial or emotional ability to stick with a program should not invest. Persistent negative, sarcastic badgering by this subscriber was also not helpful.


I have a lot of rules, stoploss rules, etc. Is not so different trading directly, that use C2 systems per trading.

For example a simple rule that i use and because it i dont have this big DD in ATPro, i dont allow short positions in ES, NQ, or others stock indexes when are in up trend.
i dont like operate indexes against the main trend.

Well, I’ll evaluate this as a “normal 20Ý” once the system overcome it, otherwise it will be a failure of the system.
Regarding the last observation: this is an old excuse from failing managers: it’s my right to complain as long as I pay you one of the highest subscriptions of C2. You also refused to acknowledge a refund of any kind.

You lost money and are asking for a refund? Lol.

Well, dear friend, not for the losses (of course) but for the subscription! Do you think it’s so crazy to ask that?

Yes it is. No firm would refund you their commissions/fees/etc just because a client lost money. It’s the risk we all take.

I personally think its a good system. Any system with PF around 2 after a few months is doing a pretty good job.

You can lose all your money in futures trading. Always be prepared for that scenario

I think you can ask for a refund for your paid subscription fees , you should contact C2 not the system developer .

System developers can refund subscription or reduce rate to zero upon their decision. C2 can’t refund just because client is unsatisfied. Anyway, thank you everybody for the contributions to this discussion.

Who told you that ? Maybe MK can confirm this ,

C2 will not refund your fees just because you lost money. So i guess C2 will refund listing fees for all developers if their strategy does not perform? Seriously.

Yes they did .

Just an update: system shows no sign of recovery, almost every trade goes in SL. really frustrating.

I think he have changed his way to trade, because people like you are all day critizing and this can be very frustrating, he is putting the stoploss very close (as you ask) and this produce that stoploss is touched all time.
Please if you dont like the system, unsubscribe, but dont make this hunting because in the end is worst for the system and i dont like to lost money because the system is changed because psicology of others.

Dear Nevado,

i think what you say is quite ridicolous. A system manager should not be influenced by users opinions or comments or complaints so that he changes his trading style. This would be very worrying about his reliability. It would signal a lack of confidence in himself and in his system.

If that’s true then what would you need this system for?