When will futures and forex be upgraded?

The forex only allows the trading of a few crosses and not the variety that is available on IB through ideal pro.

The futures menu does not reflect all of the futures available on US exchanges. When with this be upgraded?

We do allow trading of all standard forex pairs. What forex pairs do you feel are missing?

We do allow trading of most U.S. futures, and an increasing number of non-U.S. futures. Which specific futures do you think are missing? The list of supported futures can be found on:



You wrote "standard" forex pairs.

If you go to IB and saw all of the pairs that are available with idealpro and any pair where usd is part of the pair then I would be a happy camper.

As for futures…Today I wanted to do mxnjpy. With forex it is not on your list. With futures you did not have the mexican peso so i could not do a creative trade with futures as a substitute.

There are also other some other futures contracts that are traded on US exchanges that are not on the list. Go to IB and see what is available.

From a business point of view I think it would be important for you to make sure that the link between your site and IB is flawless. I have no experience with it so I can offer no other comments.




I ask again: What specific forex pair do you think you want to trade that is not offered on C2? We support almost 100 pairs. They are not all listed on the quote block. The ones that we don’t support are generally not tradable at our Gen3 broker partners, so probably not really useful to your subscribers.

And finally, if you look at the list of futures, you’ll see we do support Mexican Peso contract, traded on CME.


My mistake on the peso…I was looking for an M and yours starts with a P.

Moving on to forex I have tried to do various pairs with NZD.

Where Can I find a list of forex pairs that you support?

Also when I put on a forex market trade with you guys like magic it is a loser of a few dollars right away. Is this due to the bid ask you see? It is usually over 50$



Just type the pair into the symbol input area. If we support it, you’ll see a quote appear. Otherwise you’ll see “Not found.” We do in fact support NZDCHF, but when you entered it, the “STOCK” selector was depressed, so C2 thought you were typing a stock.

Yes, you immediately start losing money on any trade you open due to the bid/ask spread. You buy at the ask and can only sell it back immediately at the bid.



Please send the forex list of give me a link. Trading is hard enough without unnecessary BS that wastes my time.

I typed in MZNJPY and it gave me some stock …yes i had forex pressed

So then i typed in mxn/jpy and this is what it responded with.

MXN/JPY is JPY (forex) - Bid:0.000 Ask:0.000 Last:0.000

Sooooo please send the list or the link.