When will messages from C2 be visible in my email?

I do not have access to the C2 website for 12 hours a day, M-F.
I have a Samsung Note 4 & still am unable to read messages.
It is VERY frustrating knowing I received a C2 message & am unable to read them!!!
I will be IRATE if I miss something important like “C2 signal error, close position immediately” from 1 of the developers.
In my mind, I would hold C2 responsible for any major losses, should that happen 1 day.
Is that what it’s going to take to make this feature available?

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You can go to SETTINGS>EMAILS and have signals and ‘broadcasts’ (and other things) sent to your email address.

Thank you for the tip!
I just made those changes.
I did not see any options for simple correspondence though. Like if I asked a question about the strategy & was awaiting a reply?
Do you know if those replies will now be sent to my email as well?

You’re welcome!

If you are referring to the private messages, and you’ve ‘checked’ the ‘Private Message Alert’ checkbox, then they should be sent as well.


It has been my experience that only a notice of a new message will be emailed, not the actual message…unfortunately.

Here’s another tip that may be helpful to you and others.

I’ve found that to more fully navigate the site on mobile devices, you sometimes must link directly to the page. In your case, try putting this link into your Note 4 browser after you’ve logged into C2 first:


then consider saving a bookmark to it if it works.

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Ya, that box was already checked.
I get the alerts saying I have a private message.
I get a link to the website.
I log in.
It brings me right to my messages, but 90% of the time it is an old message from a different developer, or I can’t read it in it’s entirety. I am unable to navigate to other developers messages.
That’s the problem I’m having.

Try the link I provided next time. It links to your message box, rather than the specific message (as the link in the email alert does). From your message box, then click the specific message.

I will try bookmarking the page,
I have 3 different logins for 3 different accounts though. Traditional IRA, Roth, taxable trading account.
Will I have to bookmark on 3 different browsers on my phone, like I have to use 3 different browsers on my laptop?
I appreciate you taking the time & I will try your suggestions, but I still don’t understand why C2 can’t just send replies directly to my email. I can’t believe it’s that difficult to program, just seems like they don’t really care enough to take the time to make this option available…

I’m not sure if being logged into multiple accounts at the same time makes a difference. I just have one login/account.

Having the messages included in the emails is a great idea, imo. Also being able to reply via email would be even better. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it works out once you get around to testing it out.