Private Messages "Disappearing"

I’ve seen at least one Private Message sent to me that was not subsequently listed in my ‘Inbox.’ If anyone has sent me a message that I’ve not responded to, please re-send. Thanks.

CkNN Algo (under construction)

Do we have a thief around? :smile:

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If Matthew does not like the content, he will delete it. That is why I rely only on carrier pigeons for all my confidential dispatches to MI6.

Oh that’s silly, Isaac. No one at C2 is reading and deleting private messages. Scout’s Honor.

The “disappearing” message problem happens when a user has multiple C2 browser windows open – the message “appears” in one window (but, unfortunately, it appears in the browser window the recipient user doesn’t see) – and so C2 assumes it has been read (and thus treats it like a chat message; i.e. ephemeral).

Obviously this is super-crappy design. We’re going to revamp the entire C2 messaging system shortly. Hang in there.



OMG Matthew! Your tech support is virtually absent! I have been working so hard to work out the problem with downloading C2 connector as i am not a tech but a true trader. You assistant Melissa Karty stinks at what she does ! And in ur video " Downloading C2 connector into MT4 " you state that you can register your system as a leader for free, which is a complete lie! As You are demanding a bunch of money for a “listing fee”. And here i am , trying to become a leader for so long! Shame on you!

Hi, Elena -

Well, the truth is, we really do require some technical chops from users in order for them to take advantage of some of the more complicated stuff on C2 (such as setting up the MT4->C2 connector).

We do try our best to help, though — and to simplify the process as much as possible – as for example, by providing a video showing how to set it up, step-by-step. But, that said, clearly we haven’t done a very good job helping you. I am very sorry about that.

Now, let me try to help. Can you tell me a few specific things?

  1. Where is the process breaking down for you? Are you able to download the software? If yes, where specifically are you stuck?

  2. I don’t recall saying in that video that you will be able to offer your trading strategy on C2 for free. Then again, it has been a while since I narrated that beautiful piece of film-making. I have to admit that – after I wasn’t nominated for an Oscar – I despaired, and swore I would never look at the film again! (How could the Academy overlook my singular cinematic genius?) So… can you tell me at what time mark on the video narration I say that?



Well, I forced myself to suffer douche chills, and I listened to myself narrate that video; and I do indeed say at one point in the video that you can create a strategy on C2 for free!

But… this statement really is true, in the sense that you can create a strategy without requiring immediate payment. (You can enter a few signals to test out the platform, for free. But then we do ask for a semi-annual Listing Fee after a very limited set of signals.)

In my defense, what I meant was that you could set up your MT4 connector without worrying about payment right away. But I can see how my statement could be understood differently.

For which I again apologize!


And let me add that Melissa has always been very helpful to me whenever I had a question. She is very good at what she does.

Hey, I’ve gotten help from Melissa before. She’s great!

Well Mathew and everyone, i am not a writer, i am a TRADER. I know MT4 very well. But Your video on CT2 installation is not " step-by -step", thats for sure. You keep ranting about a " gobbly - gook " folder ( what?) instead saying , ok step 1 is this, step 2 is this. Step 3 : if you dont find it in the correct location ( which was exactly my problem ) , this is what you do! I kept asking Melissa to get some live help ( it takes 2 mintues for a tech support to log in via team viewer and it would have taken another 3 minutes for the guy who created this program to help me! And yes, Melissa is very sweet, and available. But what good does it do if she cant help , but keeps saying like a broken record " we only have tech support via email". OMG ! Seriously? And what could have been a 5 minute live help turned out for me a nightmare of hiring somone in MQL5 community, logging in via TeamViewer and spening only 5 min , and he figured it out , that , yes, indeed the C2 was “dropping” in the wrong folder. This is not very hard to have a tech log in! Again, i am not a techy, i am a trader and a good one !
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I think it’s most appropriate at this point to carry out further communication about your particular issues via the help desk and private email. I’ll reach out to you there and close this thread.