Where did the profits go?

Yesterday, 8/25, I realized a profit of app $7,200 on a futures contract with the RD30 system. My broker is Dorman Trading. When I received my statement from Dorman, the profit was only $4,050. Has anyone had an experience with Dorman or Rd30 in which a similar problem has occurred?


It’s a little unclear what your question is. You say you “realized a profit of $7,200” … where did you realize that? What makes you say that you realized that? What screen or information are you basing this on?

Of course, whenever we talk about realized profits, there is an implicit execution price of a trade. So, are you suggesting that your brokerage account executed your trade at one price, but then that your broker changed it? (I doubt that!) Or are you saying that C2’s hypothetical fill engine estimated a fill price at X and you received Y? This too is not very likely, but is possible. (Somewhat unlikely because C2 automatically adjusts its estimated fill prices to equal the prices received in real brokerage accounts.)

Please clarify with specific details about where and when you saw a $7,200 profit, and what fill price was reported to cause that profit, and for what contract, and when, etc. - so that I can try to shed some light on this.