Who are the top three developers here?

I follow the forum and see how participants show again and again that the strategies here are not good and I wonder if there are any good strategies and decent developers around.

I thought it would be interesting to see who this community would rate as the top three developers and the top three strategies in C2.

I have not yet connected my trading account to a particular strategy and would be happy to get ideas.
BTW, I usually trade stocks.


Hmm. Great question. You will notice that most of the better and longer running strategies for stocks don’t advertise on the forums.

My best advice is to go on “The Grid” and filter for stock only strategies with at least a year under their belt
if you just want stocks. There are a couple volatility trading strategies that seem ok. VIXTrader and Smart Volatility IRA among others. I would stick to TOS but not always. Just IMO.

Bring your findings to the forum and we can hopefully help point out any shortcomings.


163 people read my question and only one answered?! What does it mean? Does it mean that there are no good strategies here or that no one is making money here except C2?

You are correct, C2 is the only one making money


I’m making money, but i’m not a top developer.

Each investor here has its own criteria of the best strategy. Use the Grid, put your own preferences and get your best of the best list.

It means that we don’t like to give recommendations in the forum,
because usually those strategies turn bad after the recommendation.

DogZebra’s answer is the best advise you can get here, no need to add more.
Go to the Grid, chose your own favorites, post them here, so we can analyze them.

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I am a stock trader and found here some interesting strategies:

If the results are real then it’s amazing. What do you think?

UVXY is a total scam. Much like the system named “Diamond” (I’ll be nice and not link it)
Both these systems gamed the “bid/ask spread” when they didn’t have real money following their strategies. To put it simply, they bought at the bid and sold at the ask in a matter of seconds/minutes. This is not possible with real money trading.
Once they had real money trading their strategies they have made $0 for their subscribers. I am truly amazed C2 doesn’t shut these systems down. Hurts C2’s credibility IMO.

VIXTrader Ultimate is one of Robert Peterson’s strategies. He is well respected here. I would use one of his TOS systems if any.

VolatilityTrader is one I am not that familiar with, but it is TOS which adds to the comfort level. Instead of playing around 100% with VIX etps, he sells naked options. Which is risky, but he takes small bets and doesn’t bet the farm from a brief look at it. However he will from time to time take a large bet with certain stocks. Very impressed with Feb '18 performance.

Someone please let me know if I missed something or was incorrect w/ regard to VolatilityTrader.

  1. UVXY Trader. I will remove this strategy from my list because it is scam model.

  2. Vix trader ultimate. The developer is well known in here. He is very good with risk management. You can consider his other models in here, especially with longer track records

  3. Volatility Trader. This is one of my favorite strategy because he has long track records, real money 100% TOS and diversify many stocks in different sectors such as financial, technologies, etc. Eventhough the title is volatility, he doesn’t use the volatility products as a core trading vehicle. He only trade when there is opportunity, especially for volatility products. My suggestion when you use his model, don’t use full of your resources because IB requires a significant fund for margin requirements. You need 100% TOS for this type of model( collecting premiums ). Another think, whenever you have questions regarding his trades, he will answer your questions ( Most developers will ignores any questions when his trades lost significant money). His skills is very advanced, you can see every week, you will write many options from several stocks, just prepare your self for volatility, if you can not handle, do not choose his model and always give room for your fund allocation. He makes money from his real trades n not from subscribers. That’s something not common in C2.


VolatilityTrader looks interesting.

If a subscriber has only a small portfolio, maybe 10K.
Can the risk be reduced by trading only naked Options? No stocks!
(and only 1 Option per trade, instead of 10 Options)

UVXY - i wont touch it.

VIXTrader or other 5 strategy he has base on risk and IRA - I’m a subscriber my self. very active risk management and trade management. Volatility is 5 out of 10 in my opinion, not because of the trader its because you are trading VIX.

VolatilityTrader - If you cant handle draw down or volatility i wont touch it. since its around 1 million TOS and the description said you need 10% allocation minimum. So you need at least 100k+ to play. I’m a subscriber to it, i can tell you the amount of open positions each week is between 15-30 names. for those who are very active, it might be overwhelming and too complex for a novice traders. Again monthly draw down is 10%-15% each month not something that everyone can handle.

There is really no best developers on here, i can tell you RobertPeterson with his 6 vix trading strategy and MARKET-TREND-SIGNALS future strategy are the most POPULAR on c2. but everyone has their own definition of “best”. With risk, performance, volatility and fee into consideration.


1 assignment you are a done. in my opinion is not worth the risk. unless you manually trade, pick and choose a few of the 20 active options with 1 contract.

i remember last year someone on forum said he lost a lot of money following him 100% allocation on 60k. (he might be down 3%, but you are down 50%)

I would be happy to speak to you?