Why are systems unavailable for subsription?

I am writing to express my irritation about some systems being unavailable for subsription.

After having spent considerable time analyzing many of the systems on the

Collective2 website and filtering the most attractive ones, I have

decided to subscribe to “Solaris” and to “VT26”, but both were not

available for subscription.

What is this? Isn’t the whole point of offering systems on the

Collective2 website to make them available for subscription?

How come you accept systems that are unavailable?

And when, if at all, will these two particular systems become available?

When system developers cap the number of subscribers, and all subscription slots are filled, we do not display the system details page to potential subscribers.

I understand why this might be irritating. Let me explain the origin of this restriction.

This was necessary because a significant number of system developers were marketing their system on Collective2, and capping the number of allowed subscribers at an artificially low level. Then they encouraged people to contact them directly for subscriptions outside of the C2 platform (which violates the letter and spirit of the C2 Terms of Service, which system creators must agree to in order to use the site).

Any system whose Details page you cannot see has no available subscription slots available.

By the way, it is perfectly legitimate to cap the number of subscribers to a system. A system creator might choose to do this in order to prevent slippage as more and more subscribers follow his signals.


with VT26, the devolper does not take ANY subsribers - it is not a question of restricting the number. It seems that he feels the system is not ready for publication (?!) yet and he wants to polish it further. To me, the system stats look superb, and I would be happy to lease it.

Could you talk to him (Andres Garcia) and convince him to take on subscribers asap ?

What would be nice is, for systems that are not open to new subscriptions, the "Subscribe Here" link is grayed out, or somehow it is made clear early on that no subscriptions are available.

VT26 is a good example. You can look at all the data, but when you click "Subscribe Here" you are told it is unavailable. It would be better to know that of the main system page.


Absolutely - an easy/reasonable fix. No?gA


Why don’t you send him a private message thru C2?

I did, but I feel it would have more weight if Matthew approaches him.

C2 is "an independent trading system auditor". I doubt if Matthew would try to "convince" any vendor how to run/operate their business.

But maybe I am missing something.


Perhaps you can add a column ‘Subscriptions available (Y/N)’ to The Grid.


touchy. Also MK should convince him for lap-dance for you (smile)



I’ve re-read current C2’s ToS. I don’t have a copy previous ToS that I agreed, but it’s very different from what I remember. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of 3 years old ToS. So I might be wrong. BTW: There weren’t any notifications about changing of C2’s ToS.

I think 3A and 3B are in conflict of C2 position as “independent auditor”. Any audit company doesn’t restrict your activity in searching a client and your trading only with recommended by the audit company brokers.

I understand that C2 spends part of its revenue for advertising, but a system vendor who uses C2 as referral for his activity has much better targeted auditory that empty google clicks and ads in magazines. Simply when a system vendor shows his C2 activity he/she is targeting a person who wish to invest/speculate at C2 with all variety of C2’s systems. Strict prohibition of out of C2 activity isn’t very convincing if system vendor can offer better service (it might be more expensive than C2) out of C2. Simply current C2’s ToS (3A and 3B) violates C2’s spirit for competitiveness and C2 as independent auditor.

Just my 2c,