System not accepting new subscribers

Hi all,

I suppose that most of you have already realised that when a system reaches its maximun number of subscriber you’re not longer able to access such system stats page. Instead you get the below message:

"System not accepting new subscribers

This system is currently not allowing any new subscribers and thus is not viewable by the public."

I’m just curious, why is this? Even if I can’t subscribe today I would like to be able to follow the system stats.

Is there any sensible exaplanation?

Thank you in advance !

System providers can always ask that their system be made visible, even when they are not accepting new subscribers. And, of course, if a system has crashed and burned, it’s visible whether the system provider wants it to be, or not.

I guess it all comes down to personal choice.

One of my active systems is closed to new subscribers and I’ve chosen to have it remain unviewable. It’s because it’s nearing end-of-life (on June 30, 2012), and I’d rather promote my other, two active systems, which will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.

Thank you Jack, I didn’t know this was personal choice. I always thought it was just the way “Collective2” had decided it has to be.