Why so many systems failed?

After couple years trading on C2 and some other places, I haven’t found any winning systems. So why do many systems failed? Is it the market too efficient and random that nobody figures out how to beat it? So what are the clues of failing systems? I guess there is no clue because all of them failed. I think the clue is if you trade futures and commodities, you suppose to loose money just like warning imposed the all futures markets! So what are we trading for? Fun? Excitement with all the up & down and a tiny possibility of winning a very small amount and eventually will loose them all. So it seems like this is a VIRTUALLY casino that we come to play and pay!

I traded quite a few systems on C2 and it all have same failing characteristics:

1. Out of thousands of systems we picked out a few good ones (these are the lucky one that have some winning periods) to trade. They win for a few weeks and then start loosing.

2. Almost all system developers are excited to cash out small winning trades and then we the tide went against them and they don’t know what to do with the loosing trades, they hated to takes loosing trades and therefore NOT taking them, waiting for them to recover with hope and pray. Some of them do recover and the ones that don’t become huge losses and the systems crashed bringging with them all sub accounts.

3. Instead of letting the winners run, and cut the losses quick; they do the reverse of cutting the profit short during pull back and let the loosers run. I saw it with previous failing systems and the ones that are NOW seem doing the same thing.

4. According to statistics, 95% traders loose money. Only 5% winning. So where are those 5%? I can’t seem to find them on C2. Are they all pros that trade for themselves and took all the money from us at C2???

5. At this point in my trading, I’m doing it for fun and excitement and NOT expecting winning from any system.

6. The smart trader that I know in C2 is Inga German! She wrote her cemments on most systems on her Notebook pointing out the symptoms of failures. And most of them are trues, most systems eventually died and out of existence or languishing in anguish.

So if anybody find any winning systems out there and want to share, that will be great because I can’t seem to find them. I hope people will help finding those 5% of winning systems of those developers are willing to share their systems to help some of us, sub, to gain some financial footing.