Wrong APD ratio

Matthew, I believe the APD ratio shown for my system [LINKSYSTEM_42777369] is wrong.

The APD ratio is shown as negative which cannot be as the system is in profit.

I believe this incongruence is related to the adjustments done to the Copper pricing which are not reflected in the recorded open equity.

You adjusted the closed trades however when Copper pricing was wrong (i.e., 288 instead of 2.88) it recorded an open loss of USD 70’000 when the open loss was USD 700 in reality.

Could you please make sure all the stats that reflect open equity (APD, max DD%) reflect the correct Copper pricing?

"The APD ratio is shown as negative which cannot be as the system is in profit"

Not true. Trades with ‘no calc’ or ‘n/a’ in the drawdown & risk column will not be included in the calculation.

Interesting. Do you know what is driving the n/a?

"which cannot be as the system is in profit"

Your system is showing a total loss of over $1,000 and a negative P/L per unit of almost $37…

Do not remember, but in your system, you have 3 "n/a" when the P/L equals the max DD. may indicate the max DD was not worse than the final loss. You also have n/a along with No calc (no data), so in both cases, it seems to say there is no max DD on that trade???

You are right. I think the P&L was just updated… How frequently are stats refreshed? Do you know?

need to ask the site owner. I think some things are updated more frequently than others…


P&L has been updated. Now the P&L is correctly 1’337 however APD still negative and P&L per unit still negative.

How can this be?


I just downloaded the list of closed trades from the site. Total P&L $1450. Total number of units 44. So P&L per unit should be $30.9

How can it be shown as negative?

If you entirely remove from the calculations the trades for which no drawdown has been calculated (or for which no drawdown could be calculated), then you’ll see the number as calculated by C2 is correct.

Now, you might say, “But C2 should include those winning trades in the APD ratio, or else the results will be skewed to the negative.” And I would agree with you. The algorithm does need updating, and we hope to get to that, relatively soon.

For now, though, the formula is what it is, and thus the number can at least be explained, even though you feel (and I agree) that it does not reflect the intent of the measurement.

Matthew, do you confirm that your comment above is also valid for P&L per unit? That is not related to DD…

Why is it negative?

For each trade, calculate the P/L per unit. Then average those per-trade numbers. That’s why you can have a negative number even for a profitable system. An example of this would be a system that makes one really hugely profitable trade by trading a lot of contracts, and then lots of tiny losses that trade one contract. When normalized on a per-trade-per-unit basis, you can have a negative value.

If I follow your process on the closed trades I get an average of -5.1 whereas the average in the webpage is -17.51

I am sending you the calculations via email as well…

minimizing "no calc"s is the real goal. I have seen some systems with 5-6 of these trades on one track record page (25 trades)