Problem with my trading system

Hello, i’m posting here a copy of the e-mail i’ve sent a week ago without any reply yet, i need this issue to get resolved asap.

Hello, please have a look at my system, system number 32287240.

When looking at the closed trades i see very strange numbers, for example the drawdown risk for a trade entered on 07/09/08 on the USD/CAD is written as $44,895,300.

I see those numbers all over the place.

The USD/CAD trade for example was a 40 lots trade, how can it have almost 45mil drawdown when the account is only around $100k.

Please check into it.



Please fill out a trouble ticket.

When you “turn on” the trouble ticket special fix request links, you’ll see a fix-request link next to each drawdown stat. Click the link near the incorrect stat(s).

I’ll make sure you get serviced right away when you do that.


Ok, that issue was resolved, but it seems i have another problem atm.

the APD number of the statistics is ok.

But the max one Trade DD is wrong i think, and because of it i think my system isn’t listed on the best systems list and on the free systems list.

i had a few multiple EURUSD short trades listed as one TRADE the DD per trade is alot lower the 15% of togather they are higher than that + on the same time those trade was hedged with a GBPUSD long trade.

anyway, i would need you to split them or someting like that in order them to not count as single trade, because of that my system cannot be listed on the free systems/best systems list and almost nobody can have a look on it.


The math calculations for maximum adverse trade drawdown take into account the fact that vendors can “leg in” or “leg out” of multi-leg trades. In other words, assuming there is not a bad price tick in the drawdown calculations, the drawdown shown on C2 is the actual adverse drawdown that a subscriber would have achieved, following your system. Whether the trade legs are aggregated into one trade for display purposes is not material.

If you believe C2’s math is wrong, that’s a different story. I am happy to look at it for you, but you need to email me the specific trade you think is wrong and tell me why you think it is.

Well, i see on my system stats the the max drawdown has been uncalced for that specific trade which had the problem, but still the system max drawdown wasn’t recalced.

Can you check into it please ?