Wrong curve chart


I have found there shown the wrong Hypothetical Monthly Returns and a wrong Equity Curve Chart on my system(Daytrade-NQ) . You may see it profited about 20% but shown as lose in the Chart.Could someone check with my Account Status and do something about this mistake please.



Nothing seems wrong. Don’t forget that your system’s equity chart includes your trading system subscription fees ($250 per month) and also typical broker commissions. If you have a specific question about a specific data point on the chart, send an email to help@collective2.com, but I do not see anything obviously incorrect.

Thank you Matthew.

I still confused about why Daytrade NQ has been scored as low as 365.It is impossible that it has profited above 30% in 4 months, 60% win percentage,Profit factor 2.0:1,Sharpe ratio 2.279 but still getting below the average.Please help to check…[LINKSYSTEM_80644617]