#0 stop order triggered with #40

I sent a STO oreder with #40.

18812806 3/3/06 9:33 Likely fill @1685.50 09:34 Sell to open 40 @NQH6 E-MINI NASDAQ 100 STK IDX MAR 2006 @ stop 1709.13 DAY

then I sent a stop loss order with # 0

18812809 3/3/06 9:33 Buy to close 0 @NQH6 E-MINI NASDAQ 100 STK IDX MAR 2006 @ stop 1709.13 DAY

Why stop order got trggered with # 40 ( I set 0)? It should not be triggered because the # is 0?

Please see my trade record on C2?

I am testing stop loss order, why 0 becomes 40?

The stop loss order format is same as BTC order, does anyone

have the same experience?

I don’t really understand your post. I think you are saying that you are using the API to enter your orders. Why would you send an order quantity of zero?

Since the stop loss order format(for short) is same as BTC.

I can say that after I short 40 @NQH6, then I set BTC 0 @NQH6

at 1709.13 (limit order), Am I wrong? I think not. If I am not wrong,

why it filled at # 40?

I think I can set quantity at any number below 40. from 0 …40.

You told me the stop loss order format before , so I test it with 0 to

see the format is correct or not.

If I specify # 1 in my limit BTC, will it be filled with #40?

If it is a bug in your system, could you help me correct my trade

record on my system? My system sends BTC 40 at market at

15:58PM, you can see that.

I’m having a hard time understanding what you are saying. Perhaps you can email me the exact sequence of API calls you made (tell me the exact syntax you used each time), and explain why you made each call. I’m still trying to figure out why you would place an order for quantity = 0 … Perhaps once I understand what you were trying to accomplish, I can help you do it.

I make it simple.

I place a limit BTC order @NQH6 with # 0 at 1709.13

But it is triggered @NQH6 with # 40. Why 0 becomes 40?

Why I set 0?

I am testing stop loss order format(first time), to prevent

I make a mistake, I set quantity to 0. So this order will show

on C2, but it should not be triggered. (It is a disaster, I have

113 subscriber this morning, I should be very careful for

any new change for order format or new order type, that is the

reason I set 0)

You are absolutely right on this. However I am wondering why you did not use 1 instead of 0. To avoid problem, it is better to use 1 instead of 0 (I assume you don’t care 1 contract of NQ) because 0 looks marginal to computer sometimes.