Forex order entry issue

If you place a limit order and enter a target and stop value, the trade is bought and sold immediately at the entry price everytime. This has happened to me twice today.

I looked at your system. I think perhaps you are a bit unclear about how limits and stops work (?) If so, please see the limit/stops tutorial on the trade entry screen.

Let’s look at one of the trades from your system I think you are talking about. You shorted the AUD/USD at .7608

Next, you entered a Buy STOP .6428

A Buy Stop means: "Buy when the market price goes above .6428."

But the market was trading at .7608 at this time. So you were exited immediately at the market price.

It appears that perhaps you confused stops and limits. It seems like you should have entered your order as Buy LIMIT .6428.


Argh, I keep entering the values in the wrong fields. I’m sorry. :slight_smile: I knew I had done it successfully a few time but for some reason I keep entering my stop in the ‘target’ field and my target in the ‘stop’ field. That results in an immediate buy/sell.

I have it on my immediate to-do list to add a warning screen if C2 suspects people are doing this. Hopefully this will be done over the weekend.