2 Erroneous trades on my account

Hi Matthew

This afternoon there were 2x sell orders for 100 shares in NEM in my system “TS4” 84500124 this afternoon at 13:30 UK time.

I’ve sent you an email disputing these trades as we did not make them.

Because I have not heard anything back from you, I am exiting these trades because I do not want the over w/e risk.

I expect to be compensated for the inevitable loss.

Sorry to be belligerent - but you NEED to invest in customer services.

Why should i feel obliged to take the risk for your errors.


Hi Peter -

I just responded to you by email and explained to you there was no error. You are using your own custom software which you wrote. Our audit log shows us that your software did in fact place the two trades in question.


Hi Matthew

Thanks for the response by email - I only went nuclear because my programmer assured me there had not been a mistake on our part - however your email casts doubt on that so please can i retract my complaint. I will ask our programmer to re-examine the issue.