Terrible support from C2 team

I have been having issues with C2 auto trade. They accepted that there was a bug which ( they claim have been fixed ) but since then I have been having issues around the number of shares not matching. They don’t pick up their phone ( no matter what kind of message do you leave). They don’t respond to emails fast. And here every day my acct is loosing money because of the issue. I asked them to put me touch with a manager - that request went no where. Seems like there are bunch of programmers who don’t realize that people are trading with real money - not paper money.

Whats the point of putting the phone number on the website if you are never going to pick up ??

And btw - their solution is alway - if you enable auto sync then issues will go away. Well I don’t want to enable auto sync ( for multiple reasons - one being that i do want to do some manual trades too ). Also, if thats the case why does your website say that is an option ( means turning off auto sync should NOT be an option for auto traders if thats the only way you can make sure that your system works )…?? Extremely frustrated

Hi Hamza:

I’m sorry we’ve let you down.

I’ll make sure someone reaches out to you ASAP.


Hamza -

I’ve responded personally via email through your open help-desk ticket.

Now, more generally (with an eye toward a public response to a public complaint):

I think the issue can be summarized as the following. You need to turn on AutoSync if you want to trade a strategy at less than 100% scaling, specifically when that strategy issues exit orders for multiple pieces of an open position.

I know my colleague Francis stated this in his previous responses to you; I have re-iterated this advice in my latest response to you via the help desk.

Hopefully we’ll be able to work through this on the help desk ticket. I just wanted to respond publicly as well, since you raised the issue on the general public forum.


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