2 suggestions to Matthew

Hi Matthew,

I’ve got 2 suggestions:

seperate the cancelled and pending alerts into 2 tables. Mixing them together makes it really confusing.

In the alert email, it’d be really helpful to add the stock symbol in the subject line.


Another suggestion:

Please add also the name of the stock or of the future contract into the trade legs on every systems site. In the emails for subscribers the names appear together with the symbols and i think it would be helpful on the systems site too (for people who dont know the symbols to know what is traded). Thanks

Agreed. Good suggestion. I’ll see what I can do.

Yes, the cancellations almost look like new trades if you don’t look closely. It may just be my email reader, but the format of the messages is confusing.

On ITM any new signal appears in red colour and sounds the bell, but cancelled signals you only have the bells sound and get lost looking for it all the list long. I will mark in red colour too any new cancelled signal.

Good suggestions.