Matthew, about ITM

Two issues here:

1. Could you make it to have sound alarm when there is signal?

2. If a subscriber chooses ITM only. Then close the ITM, check trading signal from website. Some good entries might be missed, but need not pay a penny for the system. How could you solve this problem? Or if you choose ITM, then you are not able to check signal from web?

  1. There is indeed an alert sound in the ITM window for each new trade signal, but only if you use Internet Explorer. I’m having a harder time making sounds with Netscape and Firefox. Any programmers out there know how to make a sound play through an HTML page on these browsers?

    2) Please see my post (later in this section) about this. Basically, I propose adding a new feature to Collective2: it will know each time subscribers look at the open-trades for a system (the System Details page), and will bill if the subscriber has chosen to use ITM-Only and if he looks at an open trade within a minute or two of it being posted.

    What do you think of this?

You just take with whatever approaches you think appropraite. I agree with you.