20 Contract Limit on Futures per trade

Is this a system wide thing or can I adjust this for my system?

This is set on a global level to reduce. Our goal is to reduce the possibility of system vendor fat thumbs causing overtrading in a subscriber’s AutoTrade account. If you find yourself regularly trading 20 or more futures contracts at a time, that means your C2 Model Account is probably too large, anyway. Rescale your system to bring the C2 Model Account size down to a lower basis. This will help your subscribers manage their AutoTrading risk as well.

Trading 20 contracts of Fed Funds futures cost $6000 in margin. Not sure why I would need to rescale down. What I want is the freedom to trade what I want in what scale I choose without having some arbitrary rule in my way. If I have the funds available in the account - I should be able to use them as I see fit without having big brother look over my shoulder.

As far as trading errors - they are part of every system. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t made an order entry error at one point or another in their trading carrer. Its real life - like C2 is trying to emulate.

Please remove this limit or allow the system owner to change the limit. Its very annoying to enter an order for 20 contracts and then have to enter another order for 3 more contracts to get to the intended order size.

I also notice this restriction is only in place with orders placed directly through C2. Orders placed using an API or other interface to C2 are not subject to this restriction.