Position sizing w/futures


I am considering linking my system to C2. Thing is though, I am a small-time trader, trading 1-2 contracts at a time (using position sizing among other things to control risk). How would this reflect in C2’s results?

In other words, could I use a starting capital of just $8000 or so to reflect this? How would the relative position sizes work out if someone was auto-trading the system with enough capital for a max. of 20 contracts instead of 2 - would it still use the same relative position sizes, i.e. 10 or 20 instead of 1 or 2?


When you start a system at C2, you can specify your starting capital. Indeed, we suggest you start with the smallest amount of capital with which your system can be traded.

Then you specify your trades accordingly. Clearly, if you started a system with only, say, $5,000 dollars, you would make your trade signals for one or two futures contracts at a time.

You don’t need to worry about AutoTrading, because C2 will handle adjusting your signals up or down based on each of your subscriber’s preferences. It’s all transparent to you. You need to simply worry about making good signals.

>could I use a starting capital of just $8000 or so to reflect this?

Currently the SPAN margins are around $4400 or so, thus if you plan to use 2 contracts, I would advise to start with 10K…