A Better Way To Clean up C2

All the disclaimers are getting ridiculous.

Here is a better suggestion to clean up c2 and make it more professional,

1. Remove from listings all free systems.

2. Set a reasonable minimum subscriber fee of $50/month.

3. Remove all duplicate accounts.

4. Block from chat all trolls.

5. Give system admins control over their own forums.

6. Show REALISTIC commissions and not these grossly exaggerated ones.

7. Remove the ridiculous best and worst gainers OR limit it to systems with at least a 3 month track record.

Mathew, I’m concerned that your other projects are taking away from making C2 run ship-shape. However, I’m as much concerned that the atmosphere here is becoming unprofessional. What good does it do to have a system audited by a site that loses credibility.

Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the service but am concerned.

What specifically are you complaining about?

I thought the list was clear?

Duplicate accounts/systems, free systems, trolls, and systems featured that are not likely to do well, i.e the crash and burners. as well as not showing the cheapest commission.

I also need a way to get to my raw trade reports for my own tracking purposes.

What does this mean:

"I also need a way to get to my raw trade reports for my own tracking purposes. "

I need a way to get my trades commission free.

OK. We will add the ability to see trading results without any commission costs. Our first goal was to meet our regulators’ immediate requirements. Consider your request a high-priority in our second batch of commissions-related changes.