Goodbye collective2!

I was with C2 since 2014 and earn from subscribers 0.00. But pay for C2 700usd. So my profit is -700. Ok my system looks terrible now, but in good times was same story. Subs came to me only for trial period, and came out, came and came out. C2 have very low real investors volume. Only few systems can earn real money from subscribers. And they (C2) now wants 390usd per month for leader plan?! For what? Only for your hope…

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Low quality systems = no success. Don´t blame C2 for results of your own work. I´m here since Nov 2016 and already have paying subscribers (which is way over my expectations). It´s a matter of delivering quality.

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Link to the system pliz?

I´m not sure what system you´re referring to so I list all of them:

My System:

Audrius Systems:

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If you look at the listing fee strategy of C2, it is easy to understand most revenue of the C2 is from the strategy leader instead of the subscriber. A simple strategy is to trade FOREX only and pay the minimum listing fee. This is how I handle it.

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If you want, I can explain why I don’t consider your systems even in their “good times” from subs point of view. It might help you to see the problem from the other side. Can make it in private, if you want.

Or you can continue to blame C2.

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Why don’t you stick around but consider subscribing to systems instead of trying to sell a system?


Audrius I was told that the developers/leaders only make decent profits if they bring new subscribers to C2. This is probably why your turn out was so low. Also concerning the perpetual trial subscribers…these are often the same people that start and stop their subscription…and C2 could stop them. They give the trade leaders hope and then drive them crazy when they leave a few days later. The only way to stop this emotional roller coaster by the Trade Leader is to offer no trial subscriptions. I have done this and have never had a customer that quit. I encourage all to do the same.

Otherwise as a developer you go on an emotional roller coaster ride. Perhaps this is why so many systems fail here.

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C2 is highly competitive market. When new trade leader comes to c2, first he should go to the Grid, and answer the question why is his system better than best (or even medium) systems in the Grid, why subs should quit other systems and jump into new one? better risk-reward ratio? smaller fee? longer trial? etc


Don´t forget about correlation. For advanced investors it´s more important that system A and B are uncorrelated so both can be traded in a portfolio rather than choosing A over B because of performance.
So any developer who can bring in a (stable and profitable) system that has very low correlation to existing systems will get great appreciation by those advanced investors even when the system is not as good as other existing ones.

It´s not all black and white when it comes to trading or portfolio building. :slight_smile:


Alexander, I’d keep a bit of modesty. This will be nice to have. Your system had one good month (November) during the strong up move in stocks following US elections. Apart from that all other months more or less cancel each other. If looking at it starting from December, your return is similar to the benchmark, but with larger volatility.

It doesn’t mean it’s not a good system. Maybe it is. But it still needs to be proven.


I don’t blame C2, they have have good business model, they make profit from

I don’t blame C2, i blame myself that i chose C2. I had 60 subscribers,
but they came only for trial period, making new accounts with new emails
ant came back again, so why C2 cant fix it? because they making illusion
about subscribers volume. Ok, high quality systems has subscribes, but how
much? 1-5, thats all. But C2 business model is excellent they always
win [image:

It’s a shame C2 doesn’t do more to keep on subscribers like Audrius. There should be a free service to bring in new people. It’s called FREEMIUM folks. But then C2 has never listened to anyone. How many more are going to leave? Shame.

Hey I like your idea can you give me a top producer on the Forex market? Thanks

Ask a simple question:
Would you trust your trading capital in your trading strategy? And + would pay for this monthly fee?

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Yes, of course 100%, i’m trading in live acc with my own money.

Sorry, but I looked at all your strategies on the collective2.
None of them is marked “TOS”

In addition, all four strategies have a terrible track record.

You are right to leave the collective2…
Trading is not yours.

Only in vain do you blame investors and collective2. They are not to blame.


Thanks for your advice but I don´t see the reason for it. Never I stated that my system is the best around nor can it be expected to beat the benchmark in every so little timeframe. I simply stated that quaility systems earn subscriptions and yes in fact I do believe to have a quality system. The 100% TOS badge isn´t there for decoration.
Also I have actually beaten the benchmark if you consider 0,5% fee that is deducted from my performance every month.

Anyways, I´m not the only one here who has seen the obvious that is the systems of the thread creator are low quality. And honestly I kept my comment objectively and to the point.


I think it is obvious that since subscribers actually pay those fess they only care about performance after fees, not before fees. But yes, if you didn’t beat the benchmark even before fees that would be worse.

I didn’t really spend more than a few minutes looking at your system, but on the face of it, apart from higher actual volatility, it apparently has additional risks over the benchmark, for example those that come from the naked selling of options. A prudent investor (and not everyone are of course) would expect a significant premium over the benchmark to consider investing in something like that.

To the positive, I like it that you trade your own system and I wish it was the case with every system offered to subscribers. It’s not any indication for quality though, most traders (anywhere in the world, regardless of them offering their systems to anyone else or keeping it private) trade their own hard earned capital because they believe they do something right. Most of them are proven wrong. But, at least it gives subscribers the knowledge you have some skin in the game and that’s good.

As I said above please don’t take it as negative criticism - I have no strong opinion about a system with such a short track record. Leveraging / selling options / taking risks in other ways can be justified in many cases, I will be happy to see significant returns that do that.