A coupon for WOversold


In an effort to get more subscribers I’m offering a coupon for the next 1 billing periods (~30 days) to try out WOversold for $50. After that time the price will go back to the normal $75 per month. The coupon can be used for a week: 20170205 - 20170212.

Please see the system at:

This is a long only strategy that trades “safe” instruments (liquid ETF’s + SNP 500 symbols) with a holding time of a few days. This system could be traded as is, or used to time entries into a symbol one wishes to hold for longer periods of time. For example, if one is looking to purchase shares in SPY for a retirement account one could wait till an entry signal in SPY is given, buy the desired shares and hold this position for as long as desired. The strategy exits when it no long determines there is upward edge in an instrument.

Expiration, 12/02/2017 23:59, Coupon Code UGLV48345

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