Discount Coupons for my new systems


In case you would like to join any of my below recent systems, please avail the 50% off coupons for a month (coupons are provided below)

Custom discount coupon for ‘Mischmasch Junior’ : UGNJ46667

Custom discount coupon for ‘MNQ Day Trader’ : UGWG42574

Custom discount coupon for ‘MNQ Trades’ : UGTY64484

Custom discount coupon for ‘TQQQ IRA Portfolio’ : UGTW22943

As with my other longer tracked systems, philosophy is same - lot of smaller losses, some break even/small profits, few monster winners. Your patience and responsible leveraging is all that is needed for your own success! Stick to the system for a longer term and most likely you will be rewarded well

Thanks for your interest

The new systems are doing alright albeit without much subscriber activity. Just happened to notice the almost 3 year old predecessor Mischmasch hitting 800% over its lifetime. Good to see. Patience is key!

Mischmasch (

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Offering a 50% off for a month for the below TOS system

MNQ Day Trader (

Please use the coupon code UGPF54875, if you like to follow it


3 year anniversary on c2 today! A nice coincidence with some of the short term/day trading systems hitting new highs as did most of the new systems from this year.

Mischmasch on the brink of completing 3 years continuing the winning streak!

btw the coupon for MNQ Day Trader in the post above is still valid

Thanks to all the subscribers across all systems and thanks to c2 for the wonderful platform.
Patience and responsible leveraging is key to your success!


Sell in May and go away was not quite the theme for the market this year.
Happy to see most of the systems at new highs.


Very nice work having such high returns and such a long track record!


Mischmasch completes over 1000 trades on c2 and over 3300 trades on real-life brokerage accounts after more than 3 years of existence, maintaining a calamar ratio of 3. Patience and responsible leveraging is the key to your account growth!

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