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I noticed you averaged down a few times…do you use stop losses on your trades? What will be the maximum average downs and do you also double down sometimes?


Since a lot of people asked about the recent drawdown. I will just answer it here to address it. I noticed when market moved fast the collective2 web entry doesn’t behave as it should. It doesn’t trigger when price reach the stop probably due to lag or something? But either way by the time stops are triggered it’s already another 50-100tick down, and that’s not even the normal slippage. This is unacceptable and having those stops became detrimental. So I had to adjust to what’s happening and try to work orders in and out instead. Closing enough for overnight margin on the remaining. To me it became important to not be overly leveraged during these periods.

@AlgoSystems up to 4 contract for Eminis, 6 for Oil and 6 for Gold for overnight exposure. With a bit more wiggle room during day trading session but that’s rarely used. Hard stops are deploy after full position sizing.


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This will also be emailed to you.

This coupon allows a new subscriber access to ‘SDPivot’ at reduced price.

Instead of the standard price of $90.00 per month, user having this coupon will be charged $0.00 per month.

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It always inspires confidence if a developer offers a generous free trial period.


Look at this amazing one day recovery from a large draw down - he truly demonstrated masterful short term trading.

BTW, the system will be re-scaled to 40K over the weekend.


just a curious but a serious question. Do you know personally know most of these “new” developers ? You seem to always praise them for being brand new. Do you subscriber to all of them also? or do you just subscriber to all the new ones ?


Silly and irrelevant questions don’t deserve an answer.

I base my decisions on how a developer deals with certain market environments and/or what his credentials are. Sometimes I subscribe simply to see how the trades develop in real time.

If you only subscribe to systems at least 6 month old that is your prerogative and even that does not protect you from large draw downs, see you recent subscription of Sunny, and looking at that system’s Trade History there are probably many more incidents like that or worse to follow.

Oops, I wrote already too much because it was a silly and irrelevant question.


I mean I honestly wondering how you manage your c2 portfolio. You been endorsing these new systems, I mean some do well, some didn’t. Such as payoff matrix, and few other new one you said they are great or good manager. Then when they crash or don’t do well you seems to always got out before the crash or you manually got out and didn’t get hit.

I’m not calling you out, I’m just curious how you know how good they are after a month, then when they about to crash you are able to get out before the crash. You are right, I’m subscribe to sunny and few other strategy, it didn’t do well. I’m just testing them about the losing money on them. I’m trying to learn from you if you are willing to explain your process.


Good lord! Either you are just having fun or you really believe your contrarian indicator is at play here and you got out of the system after posting this


It would he helpful if KarlA post when he get of the system or when he sees danger in a sysyem in addition to promoting young system. He always post he got out in time…but only after the event


@OSUTAI, sorry I had recommended SUNNY to you and you lost money with it. This is the reason I don’t like to recommend strategies since I have no control over what the developer does. But it does at least look like he’s recovered partial losses.

It is a very risky strategy since he does average down. When a strategy has over 100% annually there is no way that it can achieve that without higher leveraging which means its possible to have a bigger drawdown.


Don’t feel bad about it. I only scaled 50% with 10% of my acct. Im only down a little bit as I watch his trades and risk management. I will keep watching it and see how he continue to handle rallies and sell off.


I (silly as I am) was wondering about this myself.

On October 1st:

For both systems this was the exact date of their equity high! (ES Daily Cache dropped 70+%, WaveRunner 30+% in October.)


All you have to do is check Toni Caldaro’s website regularly and when he issues a warning get out of your long term long positions.


I posted the warning on the forum just in time - see Ominous Warning - and it helped me to get out of my long term long positions.


Actually, no.

“Ominous Warning” is dated September 23 and your endorsement of the two systems is dated later, October 1.

Do you get, by any chance any favors from the trade leaders of these systems? Like reduced (to $0) subscriptions? Or maybe from C2? Like a monthly salary? Just asking.


jozsika or Joseph Janos (this is the name under which your posting was delivered to my inbox)

When Toni Caldaro issues a warning it does not mean it has to happen right away, it means you have to be on the lookout and act when the confirmation arrives. Right now, even though he thinks that long term a downtrend is probable it is likely that there will be one more uptrend, maybe all the way to 2880.

Regarding your question: Irrelevant and silly questions don’t deserve an answer.

BTW, the recent postings have nothing to do with the subject matters. Unfortunately, OSUTAI started to hijack this thread and now all the trolls are continuing.